1 Trip 100 Places

The day I graduated, the city I lived in no longer had any meaning. It was very boring, very gray, the concrete everywhere was not green at all. There were no social activity areas or any other place, as you can imagine, Ankara was that city. I made a friend in this city whose name was Berk. His father was a pilot and his mother was a lawyer. Berk always said that his dream was to go to other cities. He even said that there were places to visit even in Ankara. He even argued that there were places to visit even in Ankara. When we asked him where he was, he always told us that you should create your own place where you can visit, the area everyone wants to visit is different, and his great passion was to see what kind of places people want to visit and the places he built. 


One day we arranged to meet and he came to us with a plane ticket. He said that now I can travel this world, he said, and then he showed his passport, but he needed a friend. When he asked us who would come with me on this great adventure, everyone said no. I jokingly said that I would go with you for a trip to 2-3 countries, which I’m glad I did. In case you get bored in this adventure Berk

like Christopher Columbus, he too burnt with the desire to set sail to the vast and discover new foreign lands 


Our adventure started with the airport at first. Berk brought us to the airport early out of excitement. We arrived at 6 a.m. Our flight to the airport started at 12 a.m. We were looking for a place where we could visit the airport and have breakfast in 6 hours at first. We drank our tea, had breakfast and hung out. Then they made my checks, we left our bags and went to the plane. Berk had never closed his eyes while I was sleeping directly. Our trip is to Rio, that famous colorful place where the statue of Jesus is..


As soon as we set foot in Rio, he beat us off with his atmosphere. At first, we took a taxi to the hotel we had booked, the taxi driver took us on a tour of the city and told us everything about Rio, almost like a tour guide, he started from the date to the places to visit, showed them all and made a great choice for the Berk hotel. It was a beautiful scenic place close to entertainment centers. I said let’s go to the statue of Jesus on the first day and then you and I will part ways here, you will go somewhere else and I will go somewhere else. The room said ok. The first time we went out together, very sweet people helped us. We took our photos, bought our gifts and came back.


We have now parted ways with Berk for 3 months. I was going to take my vacation. And he would go to all the famous places in Rio and take photos of his works, and he would upload it to the Internet and earn money. I will eat from the money I have saved.

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