10 Pages in 7 Hours?

Our school was getting ready for a very vital poetry competition. Since I’m not really interested in anything relating to literature, I’ve waited for the due date to come. It was Mr. Gregory’s English class. “I really hope all of you are done with your poetry’s. Don’t forget to send them to my email until 11:59 p.m. !!!” I was in absolute shock when i realized that i had no other choice than just scrambling some random words onto a ten-page paper, that was about war. You really can’t do anything sometimes. The assignment had completely flew out of my mind, and we had THREE MONTHS to write it. Anyways, seems like i still have a clean 7 hours to write this “very distinctive” nuisance.

I started to scramble the most irrelevant things about war. “A life only depends on one bullet, one blood drip… What can you do sometimes when it’s such a coincidence that your favorite being alive attracts that bug-small compacted metal piece?” To be honest i don’t think it’s really that bad. At least i wrote something, right? Yes i think that’s the problem. I wrote “something”, not ten pages. We’ll get through it!

Almost 4 hours had past and i was still struggling to find something relevant to write about war. What kind of a cruel person even gives their students ten pages? As soon as i’m done with this nonsense school thing, I’ll seriously request a class change. Mr. Gregory is someone i can’t take anymore. He shouts at me in class for absolutely no reason. He even sent me to detention for just cheating! What kind of a personality!!!!

It was almost midnight and i was of nearly done with this meaningless paper work. I mean, he has to like it, right? I’ve been working on this useless thing for over six hours and it’s even past ten pages. I’ll seriously have a heart attack if Mr. Gregory marks it less than 90. Hold on, why are there a thousand messages from the class group? I didn’t even know it existed until now since they never text there. Amanda wrote many things about the poetry speech yeah okay… HOLD ON, THE POETRY SPEECH??!?!!! AND WE’RE GONNA READ THEM? OUT LOUD? Oh no. I’ve already have had a bad day this can’t be happening no. Anyone reading my papers would hardly even find anything about war! I wrote all about people dying in various ways.

Next week, Monday
Our English teacher was finally ready to tell our scores… BUT OUT LOUD! I got an 85. Not bad. Since there was hardly anything related to the topic but i guess it’s fine. And i’ve just learned that we were going to read them out to the whole school. “What can you do sometimes when the bullet hits your heart, just by the words that come out of your mouth?” I really wasn’t ready to read out these verses, but it was already my turn to come out and speak in front of the whole school. I took the podium to give my speech, accompanied by applause. “War. Maybe just one word, but in fact a whole country. You don’t feel bad because you can’t relate, the those who do, however, are in more pain than you’ve ever felt…”

I had won a prize for the best writer of the year!

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