My Choice

Knowing the history of an object we touch or being able to talk to animals, there are 2 options for me, here I will choose one of them and I will explain it to you now.Our first option is to know the past when we touch the objects. Knowing the past is actually a good thing in retrospect, but now we can find the past of the objects mostly because the technology has developed so much in our time.but it would be nice for paleontologists who study fossils. When a paleontologist finds a fossil, when he touches it, he can see its past, but for people like us, people who do not research fossils, it might actually be a little unnecessary, but my opinion is that this is about the first option.let’s come to the second option, my opinion is as follows. In this period, the violence tendency of dogs and other animals has increased in Turkey. Animal lovers in Turkey protested this by holding banners. Actually, animals are like human beings. But the only difference is that they cannot speak. They hurt and grieve like us. That’s why I would choose to talk to our little friends and understand how they are feeling and help them and tell people about their troubles. Little friends are always like us. Think when I do this, even people who are afraid may start to like animals, but they have a right to dislike them, I respect, but if they start attacking my little friends, then they’re done. Because sometimes people try to finish their work because they don’t like it, so we finish it off. The conclusion I want you to take from here is this. Let’s take care of our little friends and try to understand, but when you try to explain it without using violence, look, they reveal their feelings to you and eventually they start to understand my choice decision will be for dogs. because understanding them is better than knowing the history of things, in my opinion, otherwise it may be the opposite for others. dsa asd ad  as da sda d ad a da da d a da d a ddddddddddddddddasa a s d as das d as da d sa sad a ds ad sa d  a  sa das d a dsa sda sd a dsa  sa sda s dsa d a sad da s ad s as sa da s as da s a sad as sa sad s ad

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