It was a normal day. I woke up and went to school. While I was going to school, I saw my friend, her name was Liz. I said “Hey  Liz good morning!“ She looked at me and said “Good morning!” We started talking. When we came to school I saw my best friend who I hadn’t seen for two days because she was sick. Her name was Ellie she ran towards me while saying good morning. Then she hugged me. When the school was over, we saw a stranger man coming towards us.I  was a bit scared because the man looked really mad. His face looked like he would kill someone. The man came and invited us to a party. Then he suddenly disappeared. The invitation looked suspicious because it was written with red paint. Ellie really liked scary things. So, she got excited. She looked really happy but I didn’t like scary things. So, I felt a little freaked out. Liz was with us too. She looked a little weird but after a little while, her expression changed back to normal. She said “Should we go to the party?” Ellie said “Yes! I really want to go but I don’t want to go alone. So, could you come with me?” she asked us. Liz said that she wouldn’t mind coming since she had nothing to do. Then Ellie started to stare at me with a cute look. I was going to say no because the invitation looked suspicious. But I wondered what was going to happen. So I said “Okay but the invitation looks suspicious. So, lets be careful.” Ellie said okay. The invitation said the party was going to be in 20th May. There was one month until then. The next day, a new student came to our class. His name was Leo, he looked like a kind person. I wanted to talk to him but I couldn’t because he was talking to others. So, I talked with Liz and Ellie. While I was going home, I saw Leo he was talking with a strange man. I was going  to talk to him but the man looked familiar. He was the same man who gave us the invitation. When the man left, I ran towards Leo and asked him what were they talking about. Leo looked at me and smiled with a weird expression. He said the man gave him a invitation. I said “He gave me a invitation, too.” Leo looked shocked and then he asked if I was going. I said yes then he left.

One month later, the day came. Ellie was really excited. Liz looked normal and I was scared because it was night time. When we were going to the place where the party was, we saw Leo. I didn’t know he was coming because when I asked him he didn’t say anything and left. Ellie and Leo got along since Ellie was a social person. She knew everyone in the school. So, she told Leo that we should go together. We walked for ten minutes. Then we arrived at a big house. I was so nervous and then we entered the house. It looked pretty. There were a lot of people. One of them came towards us them, she introduced herself; “Hello, I’m Mary. Nice to meet all of you.“  We introduced ourselves, too.  Everyone was having fun then they started serving the food. It looked delicious. Ellie was the first one to eat. She looked really funny. She said it was delicious. Then the others started to eat, too. Five minutes later, we finished our food. A little later, I realized that our food was different from the others’ food. But I didn’t care. Two or three minutes later, I started feeling sleepy. So, I told Liz and Ellie that I was sleepy. They said they they felt the same but Leo looked fine. A little later he also started feeling sleepy. we fell asleep in there. When I woke up, I was in another place. Ellie, Liz and Leo were also there. Everyone was still asleep, I was scared by myself. So I woke them up they looked shocked. Liz was usually calm but even she looked scared. It was the same with me. Leo looked a little scared but he said that we should explore the place. It was a little dark so it was hard to see but we found a flashlight. There was only one, so we were together all the time it was a small place. So, we went one by one. I was the last. It was a really bad feeling to be the last because it would be dangerous if something happened. The first people to die were probably the first and the last ones the safest was the middle. We got out of the small room, then I saw a weird thing. It was black, so I thought it was my imagination but it came closer. So, I told it to others. They looked scared, everyone ran away. I was the only one there just as I was about to walk away from there, a hand touched my shoulder. I was scared but I looked behind then I saw Amy. She looked shocked and asked me where we were and if I knew how to get out. I said I didn’t know and if I knew I wouldn’t be there, then we started walking. We walked for one hour then, suddenly, Mary disappeared. I was shocked but I continued walking. While I was walking, I saw a door and there was a little light. I ran towards the door and opened it. I was finally outside then I woke up. 

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