People don’t always need a partner to achieve their goals. People can achieve their goals by working alone. Sometimes sickles can be good guides, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reach our goal without our partner. There ara a lot of people who have gotten to very good places without a partner. The only way to achieve your goals alone is to works hard. If people work hard, they can achieve all their goal. All they need is motivation to work hard and reach their goals. They do not need to gain motivation, people can motivate themselves very well if they want. Sometimes people have trouble reaching their goals often because of a lack motivation and people often need a partner when thwy hav trouble reaching their goals. At such times, people think that a partner is needed to achieve their goals, but this is a temporary feeling because aafter a while people realize that they don’t need anyone, this may take a long time, but eventuallty they understand when they are alone that is, people do not need to need someone else to achieve something, they can achieve anything by working hard. Most people don’t believe what ı’m saying and they aways look for someone else to achieve something, and when they can’t find it, they feel like a failure

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