Don Parrish

If I could own someone’s life for a day that person would be Don Parrish.He is my idol for now.He is the current holder of “The Most Place Visited World Record”.Personally I love visiting diffrent places around world.Don started his journey when he was 21 years old and he finished when he was 73 years old.That is a journey that took 52 years to be finished.He visited 193 countries out of 195 countries in the world and that means 841 place to visit.Such an amazing will.He didin’t even think about quiting the journey.He would have completed his journey but his old age overcome his ability to go further on his journey.One vacation at Germany changed his life.He says being one with a foreing culture helps you see everything diffrent.He says he started this journey to learn other cultures,other languages.His dreams started with a goal of “Visiting Every State In America” then turned into a bigger one.He had only 34 places left to visit in the world.He is one of the best adventurers in the world for me.He did not oly visit those places and took photos but he stayed and observed those places learning their culture,their origins.Thats why the journey took 52 years to finish.He did not travel around the world just for the world record.He travel because he wanted to see and learn every culture in the world.DON PARRISH

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