Apple Updates

If I had a chance to update any apple products ı would definitely add pink heart emoji they have pink heart emoji but its not like regular red emoji.

Also better camera quality they definitely need to change night mode its like using android they have to add sharing battery power that update would be so useful you can use your friends phone like power bank by bluetooth or airdrop you would pick the battery percentage and send by using airdrop face ID shoul also work with mask we should not take off our masks every time we re gonna use the face ID you can split the screen on ipad but not in iphonesı would add that update and use my phone in two different way.I think that since life is changing we need more technology in our lives. And we can control our devices the way we want with our minds and brains. It is nice to use our hands but

By the day passes it is a better way to use our minds and brains. Some people may not find this idea good but it is very useful to the ones that has problems with using their sense organs. We should and they should find ways to improve these devices to contiune our lives.

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