Hello, my name is İrem. Today I’m going to tell you a time travel story. Without further ado, I’ll start the story.

It was exactly three months ago, I was sleeping comfortably at night, I was in the middle of a dream when I heard a noise coming from the backyard. I thought it was part of the dream, but it wasn’t. Because when I woke up (hit myself), I realized that the sound from the backyard really came from the backyard. I immediately looked out my window, what do you think I saw? It was almost the exact same machine that I was going to time travel in my dream. While I was in shock for a few seconds, I remembered saying to myself, “I wish I could go to the first gymnastics Olympics in the world with this time machine in real life,” while the star was falling in my dream. As soon as I remembered this, I ran to the backyard. The time machine was set for the world’s first gymnastics Olympics, just as I wished when the star was falling. As soon as I got there, everything on me changed into clothes and my gymnastic leotard for that time. I watched all the competitions with full attention. I couldn’t take it on video because there was no camera at that time. After the Olympics were over, I got the signature of our athletes. After all this excitement, I returned home with the time machine. I thought it was already morning, but it hadn’t been a minute since I’d gone and arrived. I felt very relieved and slept comfortably on top of this tiredness.

I hope you liked my story. Coming soon…

See you.

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