It is an overly used phrase that human beings are social creatures who needs to form differant kinds of relationships throughout their lives to survive. This saying might be true to a certain point but it can’t be denied that almost all of the people who has been the most creative or productive in the past are the ones who hasn’t been very good at their social lives.

For insatnce Vincent Van Gogh is a very famous painter that we all know of. Today none of his paintings cost less than millons of dollars and most of them are on display in the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam however during his life (1853-1890) only one of his paintings were bought and the customer was his brother. Van Gogh spent years of his life in lunatic asylums, isolated from the society.

Leonardo Da Vinci is another name that can be an example of artists who hasn’t been apppreciated by people until their death. Da Vinci is a painter,  engineer, scientist, theorist, sculptor, and architect. He is famous for his work in anatomy which has been shamed and forbidden by people let along being appreciated.

All in all  so many more names of painters, musicians, scientists can be given as an example for people who has been left out of their society back at their time but now considered to be geniouses or greatest artists of all time.




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