2 Anomalies For 24 Hours

Chapter 1 – First Impression

Moi is just being a ghost, doing ghostly stuff on Earth. He has summoned to Earth a long ago that He doesn’t even remember the cause anymore. As I was saying, he was just doing ghostly stuff, watching people’s boring lives and looking forward to messing with one of them, well, maybe two. As he searched, he heard a loud scream, it was rather threatening than a scared one. Of course, since he was able to enter wherever he wanted, Moi did not miss the opportunity and jumped into the apartment that the scream was coming from. He did not want to directly enter the room, even though he was a ghost, He wouldn’t like to just ruin someone’s privacy. It may kind of sound contrary to his actions though… As Moi climbed the apartment’s stairs, he got curious about why their neighbours were not bothered about those screams, perhaps they just did not hear it, no, now he thought about it, even a half-deaf person could have heard it from a far away. He just thought they’re used to it. As he heard another scream, not as powerful as the first one, he found their apartment. It was such a sweet feeling that felt like they just wanted Moi to find them. After a little moment of thinking, he just passed through their door. Searched the rooms as if there was many… After one failed attempt, he found the room they were in.

There it was, 2 girls, seemingly close to an adult, one of them was sitting on the couch in a composed manner, staring at the other; the one that was standing seemed angry about something. Silently watching those people, He realized who let out that threatening scream, it was clearly the one that is standing up in such an intimidating pose. As if that seemingly calm person on the couch would let out such a screech. Moi decided to listen to what they’re arguing about.

Girl 1: See?! It happened again. I told you not to touch my stuff like million times by now! Yet, you keep doing it.
Girl 2: Well, if you hadn’t had such a messy room all the time, I would have never even taken a single step to your room. It’s so messy that it even bugs me.
Girl 1: Ugh. You tidying my room is not the thing though you’re aware of that right?
Girl 2: Yeah, you just lost something again and started blaming it on me since I would be the only one to blame, besides yourself.
Girl 1: Hey! I’m not making baseless accusations; you always change the location of my stuff and then forget where you put it last. I lost and found a lot of stuff because of that.
Girl 2: And…? That means you must learn how to tidy your room on your own.
Girl 1: Or… Just don’t touch my room?!
Girl 2: Then let you drown in those pile of clothes?

Both stopped, stared at each other in silence.

Girl 1: Fine! Whatever, I’ll try to tidy myself if you promise me not to touch my stuff again.
Girl 2: Deal. The moment you give up, I’ll start doing it again.
Girl 1: Ha-ha! That won’t happen anytime soon.
Girl 2: Hard to believe… Huh? Did you see that?

As Moi tried to come closer since Girl 2 was kind of a silent speaker.

Girl 1: See what? Joking you about seeing things are my job, don’t steal the only thing that I’m good at which is scaring you.
Girl 2: Never mind, probably just the wind. Ahem! So, you admit it?
Girl 1, Nervously: Admit what?

Girl 2 gave a glance to Girl 1 as if saying “You literally just said so yourself.”

Girl 2: Wait though, for real. I see stuff behind you move randomly in an irregular direction, unlike wind.
Girl 1: Are you trying to scare me to make sure I won’t be messy again?
Girl 2: No, I’m serious.
Girl 1: Uh, Should I turn around or something?
Girl 2: No… I’m probably overthinking, I’ll just close the window. Weird, I’m sure that’s not the wind.

Girl 2 stood up and went towards the big window with blue flower-patterned curtains and closed the window.

Girl 1, Naughtily: Oh… I get it. You’re scared about every little thing because of the movie we watched yesterday, are you not? And you acted as if you were not affected at all.
Girl 2: You’re the one to talk, you were trembling a moment ago. Don’t think I did not see it.
Girl 1: What? Even the bravest person would tremble, you saying such things with that cold expression…

Moi was standing frozen ever since the moment they closed the window, he was not able to move freely as before anymore.

Chapter – 1 End

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