YEAR 2022

I am looking forward to entering the year two thousand and twenty-two because the New Year’s Day in 2022 is very fun and I am with my friends and my thought is that corona and new viruses in 2022 will hopefully go away and I do not want bad things to happen in the world in 2022, even the weather conditions. 1 week ago, a tornado broke out in Istanbul, and we called this tornado a very big tornado, but today (December 13, 2021) I learned that there was a tornado in the USA on the news and I watched the news, after a while that news came. There is no such thing as a house left, 2/3 of that neighborhood has disappeared, so I don’t think you will have a good time in 2022 because of the weather conditions and the virus, and let’s talk about the events of 2022 that I think well, for example, this year Turkey will improve itself and for example, Turkey will go into space and find many planets. I think, and Turkey is a part of the world. I think that İT will find many historical artifacts and these are my thoughts with the year 2022.

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