We always go to our summer house on Izmir when it’s summer. So it was an ordinary summer. We stayed at our summer house for a week, visited our grandparents… Then our vacation slept by and we were already our way to Ankara. But when we were in the car, me and my sister pretended to sleep and heard what our parents talk about. I can’t quite remember but they said something about the room that we will stay. Me and my sister looked at each other with confusion. Then we fell asleep for real and when we woke up, we were at Kuşadası. Our parents told we took a break. I sat down to a bench and watch the horizon. But when turned my head my dad was taking out the suitcases out of our car. Wait, if we had a break, why was dad taking out our suitcases? I was so confused. Then my mom took me and my sister to the port where the huge cruises were tied at. We walked near to the biggest cruise and mom crouched near us and said “Girls, this is the place we will stay for 4 days.”. What the flying flamingo? I will be spending 4 days at this cruise? I was literally in cloud 9. In one word the 4 days was amazing. It was an experience I could have never imagined living it. I’m still so grateful for our terrific holiday.

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