30 Years Ago

I sit in a cafe with my friends. They listen to what I say by giving real attention. Sometimes they make fun of me like I have done before. They don’t judge me. Neither do I
Sometimes we get bored from that cafe house and go up stairs to Monica’s place and eat her delicious foods. We speak comfortably there as well as in the cafe. If some of us have a problem he tells us and we try to make him feel happy. Even though we have some big fights we can meet at Central Perk at the end of the day. We start talking or arguing about some topic but we never stay offended to each other. Because no one keeps the track of what we have done to each other. We just seize the moment. They don’t care what I have done wrong or what my flaws are if I don’t ask them. They can only see my good sides. And they don’t let me go. Neither do I.

Sometimes I meet with Phoebe and listen to her songs and have some fun. Also she has really good stories because she used to leave in the street and now she is a masseuse that has really weird customers. And then I go to Joey’s place and we order his special 2 pizzas and watch the Knicks match. He is a really huge fan of the Knicks. He is a really good friend. He always takes care of us. After the match, his roommate -the most funny guy in the world- Chandler comes home. He is a really unlucky guy so he has so many funny stories. He used to date the girl Janice and she is kind of a weird girl. Day by day the stories about Janice are getting much more hilarious. After those funny stories, we go to the Monica and Rachel’s house. They are neighbours with them. Monica is cleaning her house -like always- and Rachel is looking at the gossip pages of magazines. I can talk to Monica all day. She is really nice but I can’t race her about anything. She is a little obsessive about that. I talk about my outfits and sadness with Rachel because she is so understanding. After our gossip with Rachel Ross -big brother of Monica- comes from the museum. He is a paleontologist, I can ask him everything about dinosaurs. And he is madly in love with Rachel. They have a relationship which is hard to understand.

Maybe those guys are from 30 years ago but they are really ahead of us. They do not judge anyone about their own choices. They can talk about everything with each other because they are understanding. They always help each other. I wish I could find “Friends” like that.

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