Do What You Love

Do artists or sportsman who are not famous worldwide wasting their time for nothing? I don’t think so because if it is your passion, then you do not need fame for doing it. You are already pleasing yourself by doing what you love and self satisfaction comes first because if you are not happy or have will to live, how can you help others in this way? 

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Of course you may expect to get famous or earn money from your art because if it’s more than a hobby to you, you will see it as a job and people earn money from their jobs. If we are back at the main question “do people who do art or sports not for fame, waste their time?”. I do not think so. Sports is good for your physical and mental health. You learn to discipline yourself if you are a serious sportsman. I don’t even have to mention of losing weight or having a good body shape. Plus, it improves your immunity. You don’t get sick as much as you used to get in the past.

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Drawing also improves your discipline and concentration. I love drawing. I have been doing it since I was 3 or 4. As you can guess I wasn’t a pro as a 3 year old, I still am not. Drawing has very different techniques. It takes a lot to learn and master them all (I haven’t of course). By that time your hand control improves a lot and you get to write and draw better.

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Musicians are great people (not popstars though, they are not musicians). It doesn’t matter if they are famous or not. If you are a person who makes music and it’s a quality product, well, congratulations. As the scientific researchers say playin an instrument makes a person use both of their lobes, which makes them smarter and have a great coordination. Which are great things to have in your life and you don’t need to be famous to have all these plusses in your life. Don’t do what you love for fame or money. Do it because it’s your passion. Do it because they will have positive effects on your life.

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