Is Religion using us?

In our last religion class we made a discussion about ”Is religion using us?”. I was in the team that refuted this idea. So I need to make some research abouth it. First I tell that to my father and he told some information abouth on past.

In past everyone knows that religion was controling the all world. All clergyman controling world by using ”if you don’t atack X country I will ban you from Christianity.” That changes the countrys future. %70 the people revolt because they can’t go to churchs. But the worst think is other Christian country don’t trade, help and close the boundarys. Bacause that stuation all countrys bound to PAPA. Also on that times they don’t want the truth so they killed to much scientist and nearly destroy our future. I think most of the clergymans religion is money. In middle
ages they sell soem land from heaven or make some shrift rituals by money. And all people trust that because they don’t know reading or writing. So they can’t read Holy Books. And can’t search the trust. If they search the true clergymans kill them. Because they were in the top off everyone, rich , have some soldiers and has some lands. But after some historical activitys like exploration of the americas some of countrys stop to trust PAPA that much. But now days in our country the clergymans try to destroy some statu of our countrys most importatn person Atatürk. And by using Religion people trying to get some statu. Because our people is idiot. They trusting anything that people say. Like 1 clergyman says don’t go to toilet with your left leg everybody starts to do that by no reason. That’s our problem. We are trusting clergymans too much. We need to search on our brain abouth that. Is it gone be true. But we can’t that’s why now Religions using us, taking our money for dump reasons or kill some people because they don’t trust them they trust them self and scients.

That’s why I am thinking abouth that ”Religions using us ?”. Everybody can trust what they want I can’t do abouth it. But don’t trust everything that people say abouth something. Think is it can be true or not. Use your brain.

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