A Better Guide

With the current improvements and circumstances occurring in the 21st century, there are quite much of laws. And to be clear I am not judicially talking about laws. The laws I am going to mention are laws we should choose as a guide in our life or believe and schedule our actions to these laws.

The laws I meant are laws such as Murphy’s Law which supports “If anything can go wrong, it will.” or “If several things can go wrong, the one you would least like to happen will occur.”. In its simplest form, it supports the idea if you want something to not happen it will happen. As well as this quite popular law we have another law called the Law Of Attraction which supports otherwise. This law is about ” When you truly want something to happen and go after it without limiting yourself with disbelief the universe will make it happen.”

Therefore let’s discuss which one is more sensible and qualified for being a proper guide in our life.

To start with, in our daily life some people think that we actually have some situations which provide examples to both laws. In my opinion, in Murphys’s Law examples sometimes people want to believe in a Law rather than actually working for it or taking precautions for some possibilities. Additionally, thinking about the worst-case scenario and being negative can also attract bad situations because of our energy. So this law is quite not a guide for most of the cases, to be honest.

About the Law of Attraction, I couldn’t say the same since I believe if you work hard and go after your dreams there is nothing you can’t have and this actually supports the whole idea of the law. As well as working for your dreams if you want something to happen so bad universe will help you to get the best out of yourself in any case after realizing you are working hard and your goal is for your good. Because of that, I believe this law is such a good guide for people to have a better life, confidence, belief etcetera.

To conclude in both laws there are some loopholes but in my opinion, for a guide in our life, the Law of Attraction is such a good guide for us to chase our dreams and actually attract them by wanting them and working for our benefit.


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