A Bridge to Success: Homework

The world is now split into two. The first group thinks of homework as a study method to get better results, but the second group thinks the exact opposite. These people see homework as a torture mechanism. No matter which group you are in, you probabşy didn’t like doing homework, did you?

For the first year of high school, I truly was not concerned with the quality of my work, to be honest, I was that girl who is like “What homework?” when anyone would mention it. But later, thankfully it didn’t take me long, I realized that just listening to the lesson and not studying wasn’t the way which will lead me to success.

Some people support that after a long school day doing extra work is just a waste of time. But according to a research published in the High School Journal, students who spent between 31 and 90 minutes each day on homework scored 40 points higher than their peers who reported spending no time on homework each day.

In conclusion, even though homework may seem like a nightmare to most of the students, it is a crucial step to the top point of success in their education life. It does not pull them back, on the contrary, it will always take them forward.

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