A Brunch Day of Blair Waldorf

Rise and shine Upper East Siders, this is Gossip Girl here;


(I bet you’re wondering what Gossip Girl is doing up so early. Truth is, I never went to bed. Why waste precious time dreaming when waking life is so much better. Is there anything better than a lazy Sunday? Reading the paper in bed, sipping coffee, scrambling an egg or two. Yeah, right. We Upper East Siders don’t do lazy. Breakfast is brunch and it comes with champagne, a dress code, and a hundred of our closest friends. And enemies. Chuck’s dad, Bart Bass, is hosting the annual brunch for his foundation. Everyone is invited. Well…

Not everyone.) -Gossip Girl


 In the wake of the scandalous Kiss on the Lips party, Serena has received an icy cold reception from her best friend; me, who reveals that she knows Serena betrayal me with my boyfriend, Nate, before mysteriously running off to boarding school.

 First, I woke up and went downstairs when Serena arrives and brings coffee and a copy of Breakfast at Tiffany’s to watch together, However, I’m acting coldly toward her and eventually revealed to her that I know she has betrayed to me with Nate. Serena asks how she can fix it, but I tell her she can’t and won’t ever be able to…


After that, I started to prepare for a wonderful day. Since it’s Sunday, we’re going to brunch. Brunch means champagne, a dress code, and a hundred of our closest friends and enemies.

I went upstairs to get ready I went to my dressing room and found a dress my mom left for me to wear to brunch. The dress is by Thread Social and white, black stocking with lace underneath. I’ll wear a Blair Waldorf classic black headband as an accessory on my head. After I get dressed, I’ll start doing my makeup. I decided to call Nate so I wouldn’t be late for brunch. Nate also woke up Chuck we headed to The Palace for brunch. And I also heard Serena decides to take Dan to archenemy Chuck’s fundraiser brunch at The Palace, and Jenny seeks advice from me, because I realize may have something to gain by allowing Jenny into. And meanwhile, I heard Bart and Lily having a conversation about their relationship she tells Bart she is only okay to take their relationship public.


I also meet with Dan today in the dining room I was about to say what Serena and Nate did but they catch us while talking… I’m telling Dan to Serena was waiting in the hotel room for Nate and Dan ask if that’s why he was waiting for her that morning. When we were talking Chuck came and reveal to Dan what Serena and Nate do… After the brunch, I heard Serena was admitted to Dan what happened that night with Nate…

XOXO, gossip girl


(Resource: https://gossipgirl.fandom.com/wiki/The_Wild_Brunch)



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