A Chance For Peace?

Atomic bomb
is a fact that almost every country fear. Although only major countries like the USA, Russia China, etc. With these nuclear weapons, they are more dominant against other countries. When we gave an atomic bomb with a narrower effect to minor countries it could help to decrease this political domination and help for world peace.


When every country has atom bombs there would be World peace because of the power balance. With the balance, major countries can not make countries do what they want with their power and minor countries might defend their rights against them. So major countries can not risk a nuclear war. As an example in 2014 Russia take Crimea from Ukraine with Military intervention. But think about what if Ukraine had nuclear power. The tension between these two countries would appear as a global threat and it would cost World war. İt is a risk that Russia would not like to take.


Another effect of small countries having nuclear power is technology development. Since the minor and major

countries would not be struggling with military spendings on nuclear power because of power balance. Every country could enhance their welfare level with technology development. For example in 2020 1 trillion 981 billion USD was spent on military spending and Turkey had spent 17,7 billion USD. The USA has 40% of the chart and it reached 778 billion USD. What would happen if they spent the money for the public. Maybe being unemployed or homeless could have ended through the welfare level. Health care services would be reached a high level. Diseases like cancer, Ebola, etc. might have a cure.


As a result, if we give atomic bombs with narrower effect to minor countries they can have a word in World politics to defend themself. And every country in the world could enrich their welfare level by lowering their military spendings because of World peace caused by power balance.


What do you think about minor countries taking atomic bombs with a narrower effect? Do you think giving atomic bombs with a narrower effect to the smaller countries brings World peace?

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