A Character’s Daily Life

It was a normal morning. Did you believe me? Can anything be normal in this life? Well at least it wasn’t that bad. I woke up, got ready to go out. Another day making things right in stories maybe of the movies. You think I am a producer don’t you? Well I am not. Then who am I you’re asking to yourself. You have to read for the answer. I should get to work. I was outside in a park with cars passing from the road circling it. Wait was that a door right there? There was where they were waiting me at least I thought. Then some light came towards me. Everything happened so fast and I found myself in the airport. They gave me a ticket who? I don’t know who still. I wish I wasn’t a part of this. What? I can’ t tell you yet. Ok, my author’s ideas are done. Until the other midnight she will have inspiration. See you next time.

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