“Without morality, laws are useless.” That’s the motto of the University of Pennsylvania.

Analyzing is an attempt to establish useful or consistent unitary structures and laws to understand a functioning or non-functioning integrity. Make the structure understandable by reducing it to its unit. Shredder visibility. Analyzing the name on it. The analysis is minimal, the unit is creative with the ability to establish even the lowest level of the unit, successful unsuccessful creation is a separate topic.

A crime is called behavior that is prohibited or punished. From a legal point of view, on the other hand, it is connected to the sanction of a criminal or security measure by the legal order. An ACT must first be prohibited by legal regulations, and in return, it must be connected with a penalty or security measure. There are many different types of crimes, from crimes against people to victimless crimes and from violent crimes to white-collar crimes.

However, what about the fact that these laws are so frequent or more stringent that they lead to? There are two opinions about this issue. One of them is about how it will lead to a more peaceful world. The other is that it will lead to crime, on the contrary.

On the one hand, he says; People are starting to see that strict laws starting to think that their behavior will start to realize that there will be some consequences. And these have theories about how people will live to live by the conditions, in fact, the laws.

What the other side is saying is that strict laws lead to more crimes. The idea is that they defend them are actually a reaction to the effect. They think that if you squeeze someone in such a way that they are much more necessary on one issue, it means that they will want to test their limits on this issue, which they can be an opposition party by breaking the rules.

Finally, I would like to state my own opinion as follows. Personally, I think that strict laws will create a reaction to the effect. Of course, I respect the opposite opinion, but from my point of view, I think that in such situations, a person can go over such things due to his existence a little. For this reason, it would be more appropriate for me to apply the existing laws correctly and truly by the rules than the strict laws.

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