A Creative Future

What comes to mind when it comes to working hard, What does working hard actually mean? Work; means putting forth, creating, making an effort to do something. What about creativity? In its simplest form, it can be defined as the ability to create original, socially useful products or ideas. But which of these two great concepts will lead us to a more valuable and logical future?

Bize çalışkan köleler değil, yaratıcı zekalar gerek.

What does working bring us? Some say the main key to being happy and successful in life is work. A working person meets the needs of himself and his family members with his earnings. Thus, they lead a comfortable, peaceful, and dignified life. When he increases his income, he gives financial aid to the poor and the poor. It helps the development of the country by opening new business areas. This gives happiness to people and makes them peaceful. So is it all that simple? Not, because in real life there is something called competition. Of course, work is very important. But if you are not the most hardworking and the most creative person in a room, someone more creative than you will surely come and take that job you want or dream of. So work is not a separator. Anyone can work hard with a little perseverance and motivation, but not be creative.

Creativity gives us a lot both in social and business life. First of all, it brings thinking, using imagination, questioning, and wondering. Along with curiosity, it gives access to information, testing the accuracy of the information, critical thinking ability, and enthusiasm for research. For this and many other reasons, creative people are always one step ahead in life. Because they find different, extraordinary, but practical and intelligent direction and thoughts. Creativity puts people at the forefront not only in social life but also in business life. Before hiring someone, employers definitely look at their creativity and the abilities that come with creativity, because creative minds bring success at a rate close to one hundred percent.

The values gained by the work can never be ignored, but the values such as thinking, imagination, basic use of the scientific method, communication, physical skills, effort, identifying and solving problems, and making comments make the real difference. As a result, no matter how hardworking we are, creativity always comes first. As one of the important writers, Ahmet Ümit, said, “We need creative minds, not hardworking slaves.”

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