From the very first years of life, people try hard to exist in society by keeping up with the expectations and rules of this society. Otherwise, they will be excluded by society. People are getting divided in a category by their family and people around them from the moment they are born. Smart, blond, tall, short, but at the beginning of these, they are divided into male and female. Everything is based on stereotyped, systematic roles in our daily lives. This situation causes an incomplete gender awareness in people from the day they open their eyes, and they grow up with the values ​​expected from the category they are placed in. Most people just keep up with the current. Others are seen as a threat in society, so they isolate them.

Equality means that every person should have equal rights. However, when we say this, most people perceive women = men. We can’t say nobody is equal. There are irrefutable biological facts. Differences in the brain help us to understand why men are better at navigation and muscle control; while women are better in verbal areas such as memory and intuition. Women’s hair is thicker and more resistant, men age faster than women. We wouldn’t need each other if we didn’t have differences. Toshiko Kishida said for people that understand physically when it comes to equality, ’If men are superior to women because they are physically stronger, then why isn’t his government run by Sumo Wrestlers?’

Gender roles appear in many different places in daily life, from education to business life, health, security, and social life. Especially in more traditional families, girls are not allowed to go to school, or women are expected to do professions such as teaching and nursing, while the rise of women who face many obstacles in selected professions is prevented. Because of stereotypical perceptions and judgments, it is difficult for women to settle into executive positions, and women are paid less than their male co-workers even though they do the same job. While for women to go out at night, clothes, and even laugh, patriarchal perception continues to suppress the presence of women in daily life. It is an undeniable fact that there is gender inequality in society after these not so extreme examples that are experienced almost every day.

Even Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who lived in the 20th century, said, “No nation can achieve victory unless women march with men. It is a crime against humanity to imprison women in a house consisting of four walls like a prisoner. No penalty can be found in any penal code greater than this punishment that we consider worthy of our women.” it is said that we live in such a world in 2021. Don’t you think it’s time to beat inequality?

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