A cruelty-free world

As humankind we changed the world to satisfy ourselves and to live comfortably. While changing it, we killed the other living creatures and tortured them. For example, the tests we’ve done and still doing on the animals. Everything we buy: from medicines to lipsticks have been tested on a living being which is an animal.

Animal testing is a test which forces an animal to undergo a procedure mostly causing pain and suffering. These tests include animals; being exposed to radiation, being forced to eat potentially harmful substances and being subjected to frightening situations to cause anxiety and depression. Even some experiments require animal to die as a part of the test.

These animals are not our slaves or things we can play. They got feelings just as we do. They have right to live just as we do and we cannot take away their right to live.

Their chromosome number, their eating style, their body functions and body structures are totally different from us. Then what’s the point in doing this brutal experiments on them? Even some researches proved that many drugs that appear safe and effective in animals, failed in humans or caused significant harm and even death.

Now, we are proud to say that we have high level of technology and I think or strongly believe that we also have the technology to find an alternative way to prevent animal testing. As an example we can use computer simulation to test the possible effects of the substance or we can use in vitro (test tube) test methods and models based on human cell and tissue cultures. Moreover these tests are often more reliable than animal tests and cruelty-free products are more environmentally friendly.

European Union has prohibited the use of products which are tested on animals and the number of countries which prohibits the use of the animal tested products are increasing every day. Even though there are some companies which still continues doing tests on animals, we can make it stop by choosing cruelty-free products instead of the animal-tested ones such as Body Shop, Lush, Aveda etc.

Earth is big enough for all of us – including animals and other livings creatures- and we can live together as a whole without hurting and using each other.


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