A day in a life

Sıradan Bir Günüm (A Day In the Life) | Beslenme, Antrenman, İş/Güç, #Aynen - YouTube

If I had the opportunity to be someone , have the life I desire, it would definitely be the life of someone everybody adores such as celebrities. I’d personally pick someone that has perfect life, Kendall Jenner.
Kendall Jenner is a celebrity and the model dad is adored by the whole world. Her body features I whites little girls wish for, her life is what everyone of us could wish for. If I could be someone for a day that would be her. Let me explain what I think I would do if I was in her body that’s I would wake up in shock, but eventually understand the situation. First I would wash my face and do her daily routine. I’m pretty sure she uses expensive products since her sister owns a skin care company. Then I would look through her drawers and then see what she’s got in that situation what I got. I would then look at her phone to learn all the Kardashian Jenner secrets and all the celebrity gossips. I would then text celebrities that she’s close with and ask to meet up. I would get ready with her expensive make up products and then go through her bank information, I would transfer a large portion of money from her account to my real life account. I would then buy everything that I always wanted to try and do use them. I would try out really expensive stuff that I cannot afford. I would look through her closet and wear whatever I want. Then I would set up the meeting at a really expensive restaurants I always wanted to visit, then meet up with the celebrity I set up a meeting. I would then meet up with her family and learn many information about their life. I would combine outfits together and go out, party with celebrities.

At the end of the day, when I went back to my normal body, I would receive the money I sent to my self from Kendall Jenner‘s body. I would then post every single gossip I learned on the Internet and get famous with that. I would get any surgery I want with the money and buy whatever I want.

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