A Day In Anarchy

What is your daily routine? You wake up, wash your face, eat breakfast, wear your clothes, brush your teeth and go out. Maybe to work so you can earn money or maybe to school so you can get a job to earn money. This cycle is what keeps most of us alive. Earning money to spend it on things to be happy. If we don’t earn money we can’t buy food, so we die, which to be honest, is not something you would want. So okay, we need to have some money. But why can’t we just work a few hours a day? I mean, food isn’t expensive enough to justify the hours we pour into work right? 


So we are back to the question, why do we earn money? And the answer to that is to buy something. We work extra hours to earn extra money to buy stuff that will make us happy. Like a house or a car or a new toy. But what if we instead of working, spend those hours on doing things that would make us happy. Just buy the minimum requirements for living and do things without spending money. Like fishing along a peaceful river(If you are not spending any money for weeks, you would probably have some money left over to buy a fishing rod at that point.). Or play whatever board game your mind wishes with your friends. 


That makes too much sense that it doesn’t make sense that this is not the way we live our lives. So why? Why torture yourself to buy the illusion of comfort and luxury. The reason, without getting too much into detail, is the government. Everytime you buy a car or a house you don’t just get a new house or a car but also give money to the government in the form of taxes. So the government has enough muscles to protect itself and you from any form of thread. 


If you ever hurt yourself, there is a hospital. If you get robbed there are police. If you burn to death there is the fire department. But, I hear you ask, I don’t get sick that often, I don’t get robbed and I haven’t been reduced to ashes yet. Isn’t it a bit useless for the ones that don’t need it. 


So let’s go back to the beginning. Your daily routine. With this beautiful day of this beautiful society of anarchy. You wake up. Try to wash your face but there is no running water. No problem though, you step outside to get water from the town’s graceful cobblestone well. And you get shot in the head by your neighbor who killed you because you didn’t pay back his five dollars in time.


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