If I wanted to be someone for a day, I would like to be a celebrity. The biggest reason for this is that I am very curious about their lives. I would very much like to know what kind of differences there are between their visible lives and their real lives. When I see how different the private lives of people who are close to us are even in our daily lives, I can’t even think of celebrities. If I had to give a name, I would like to be Kylie  Jenner.  Although it sounds strange when it is said like that, it must be difficult to be both a young mother and always in front of your eyes. Although we can all guess that being famous will have positive aspects, wouldn’t you like to learn about the negative aspects? Let’s empathize. you just want to take a quiet forest walk with your kids. but with the paparazzi who are always after you, taking pictures of you and constantly asking you questions, this situation turns into a nightmare rather than a peaceful one. It must be disturbing that there are people who criticize everything you do and even examine every place you go to detail. Although there are negative aspects like this, I think there are also positive aspects such as having unlimited money that you can spend as you wish, knowing that you are supported and loved by people. In this way, knowing that you have millions of followers who make you feel that they are with you even when you feel alone, and in a way, knowing that you have friends that you do not know but that you know are full of love. That’s why I’d love to have the po feeling of having a celebrity’s life for a day and seeing what they’re going through.

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