A dead girl’s diary


Though I can’t remember it very well, I think I has been about just over 3 years after that tragedy. The world felt so alone for the first few months but I got used to it at some point. I remember how happy I used to feel around other people, knowing I was not alone in this piece of a disaster. Now I feel like I would be uncomfortable. No matter how much being alone affected me and how hard it has been surviving through the apocalypse getting some alone time is always nice. And at least I’m not always alone! 

I have you my dear computer, which is at the same time my diary that I have been writing to so I don’t lose my sanity and the device I’ve been listening to music which I downloaded, for the same reason. (And just so you know how have I been powering you? Yea, you guessed it right-by sun panels)

And I have my dog lily (which is a gorgeous German Shepard). She’s my whole world and my little helper through everything. I don’t know where I would’ve been if i didn’t pick her up from the abandoned dog shelter. I think it was the first few months when I found her.

I was surprised she survived since, well remembering that scene is still very traumatizing but, all the other dogs have been ripped to pieces by what would learn were the “chimera” later on my journey. The whole world fell silent. Am I the only one hearing this cry for help? I asked myself since she was crying her heart out. At that moment I realized I was really the only one left. I felt so bad that, even if she would’ve been another mouth to feed, I treated her injuries, fed her, and decided to keep her with me.

Actually, I should’ve introduced myself years ago (Literally. It has been years. What was I even thinking??). Well, let me introduce myself then.

My name is Persefoni. According to my mom, it means bringer of death; A variant form of Persephone in old greek. Which doesn’t go well with the current situation but whatever. I think it’s really cool. I lıke arts and sports very much. I was accepted into Julliard about 3 years ago and was going to move into my dorm that summer, but the creatures are now known as “chimera” came out of nowhere and wiped out the whole world’s population. They are creatures with a lion’s body, the back legs of a goat, and a very poisonous python being the tail (i don’t think I have to say that they’re very big as well). Everyone died during the first months of the invasion including the old me. I knew if I wanted to survive, I had to be tough. As I know while trying to kill the last one the last humans on earth died and the last “chimera” is still alive. I couldn’t believe I was still alive.


Well turns out I’m not. Not anymore.

If you’ve been reading my entries from the start, I’m sure you wondered why I didn’t put timestamps in this one. There are no time stamps to put into it.

I’m glad I knew you and my dog, dear computer. Do you now remember how I told you the last chimera didn’t die?

I’m not sure how is the stone block I put on the cave’s opening is still standing but I’ll be dead in a minute or two. I don’t think it can hold up longer.

If you’re reading this, please take good care of my dog. I managed to make her run away. You’ll understand if you see her. She is the last dog on earth I suppose. 


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