A Deadly Damaged Country

In our country we only have nearly 10 or 15 state factories. That the one of the biggest problems in our country. When we can’t make any produce you can’t earn money. So in these day’s Turkey’s economy is dead. 1 USA Dollar is now 12 TL.

I support to make factories. If we make our factories it’s realy good but now day’s we can’t make any off them. We sell factories… So when TL is realy worthless foreign people use that fact. I think making new factories is realy good. It doesn’t matter the owner of the factory is Turk or foreign. But selling our factories the last think we should do. That’s the presidents false. In other countries they support to make factories. But in our country it’s the exact opposite. Every day they increase the tax and bank interest. So we can’t make more factories. That effect the people too. Because people can’t find any job. The minimum salary is 300 dollar but they take tax from that too so it’s become 235 dollar. When any factories made I think minimum 200 persons can earn money. That’s the one of the basic problem. If they sell they earn fast money but in future they gone to lose soo much money. If we have 50.000+ factories nearly but %30 is not realy big. %40 of them is foreign factories. In these day nearly 14 million people in Turkey lives on the proverty line. 13 million 925thousand citizens live on average of 1 dollar a day. But there are 4 million 511 thousand people is jobless. If the foreign people come and make factories or any market the jobless people gone decreas and proverty line gone decreas too. Most of the jobless people is in proverty line.

On that case I support to make foreign people make factories. I am not supporting to sell any factories. If you sell any factory it’s mean you don’t care of the future of the country. And you people gone starve if you don’t support to make factories. And try to decreas some tax. We are a farmer country but we buy vegetables from Russia or other country. That’s the false of government.

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