A Dream Came True

I was a young girl living in a small city in France. I do what all other young people do, I have dreams like them and I work hard to make them come true. Of course, my life is not just a career, as I said, I was living my youth. My dream is to act in England. Well, I was not that much of a lecturer. I was more focused on art and culture stuff. Oh, by the way, I was not rich enough to go abroad and study, so I needed a scholarship or something. I used to tell my family about this dream of mine, but they would say it was just an obsession, and being an actor was not an easy thing. Moreover, they would never trust me. Even though I still worked on my own and started to improve myself in the field of acting, I looked at universities, I couldn’t get an education, but I learned important and critical points from the internet with small steps. I was walking home from school on a Friday evening, then I decided to go to a cafe and have coffee. While I was getting my coffee, I was browsing Instagram and passing the stories, I suddenly saw that there was a talent test for acting school. First, I made sure that the site was reliable, then I was about to register when my family came to my mind and I decided to wait a day or two. Actually, I didn’t even have to think about it anyway, the opportunity came to me and it would be stupid not to take that exam.

On the one hand, if I took that exam without informing my family, I would have to think about the consequences. And I said to myself “Oh let it go!” Maybe It was my only chance. Even if I didn’t pass the exam, I wanted to at least see how good I was. Maybe if I had a bad result, I would have given up on this dream, or I might have had a good chance of getting a good result. To avoid this dilemma, I left my family aside and registered for the exam. The winner of the exam would go abroad for 3 days to study in England. And they covered all the expenses! The exam was next Thursday and I pretended to go to school until then and gave all my time to study for the exam. Maybe my life would change. That day had come. The exam was 25 minutes from where I was sitting and I went there by subway. They matched everyone with others in the exam and there was a mutual scenario. My and my partner’s exam took about 40 minutes. I left the exam place, the results will be announced in 5 days, they will go to England with only 15 people and I was praying every night to be among those 15 people. At the end of 5 days, that day came.It will sound very, very sudden, but I passed the exam, I was 8. and I didn’t know what to say. Tickets were bought for 2 days later, the suitcases were complete but one thing was missing. My family. It took me a long time to explain the situation to them, but after exactly 36 minutes, I convinced them and I was leaving.I fell into a deep sleep on the way to the airport on the morning of the flight. Everything happened so fast, I was at the airport when I came to myself. After going through all the controls there, I got on the plane. The plane took off after 15 minutes and the view was so enchanting when it was above the clouds that life didn’t feel real at that moment. With this adventure, I was going to fight to break down that obstacle no matter what obstacles came my way in life.

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