A Drop of Water

The dramatic increase of global warming in the recent years cause people to concern about a possible global drought. The statistical data also shows that as climates change there will be extreme conditions on Earth which will restrict drinkable water to certain areas of the world. Not only it will affect water but also, depending on water, agriculture, textile, manufactured technology et cetera. Moreover, as a result of lack of natural resources, that is the most probable future we will have, a third world war will be inevitable since people would want to migrate to the areas where water is and the others would defend their lands.

All of these scenarios are results of the mere actions of mankind that has taken place since the last century. In order to expand the boundaries of industry people destroyed forests, seas, oceans and whatever stood in their way. Because industry meant, and still means, mass production by the help of manufacture which would increase the income of whoever owned the production facility geometrically. That is why thousands, maybe millions of people tried to be successful entrepreneurs but few of them really succeeded. While a factory means a cash cow to milk for the owner, it is also a new opportunity for an average unemployed person in 20. century. Due to its effectiveness of solving economical problems all over the globe, every country had to have their own factories in different sectors. This way, millions of production houses were born spreaded like grass on earth.

The most valuable and important energy source of the world is, undisputedly, oil. It is used in many ways that at some point it bacame the base of mankind’s civilisation. From highways to to cars that ride on them use oil. that is why oil is very valuable not only for energy but to simply live with our lovely technology. however it is very hard to find oil and that is what makes oil very valuable. Oil is found on spesific locations on earth such as Middle-East and almost every country need oil. That means whoever controls the rafineries of oil will control the whole economical system of the world. When oil is considered almost always people think of war and unstability. Because if something is very precious then it is also very dangereous as well. Since many would wnt to capture it.

So, there are these two basic materials which hold world together: water and oil. But, which one of them is more valuable? Without a doubt, i can say that, i would have a drop of water rather than a barrel of oil.

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