A Fairy-Tale Country


“İt was a fairy-tale country, a fairy-tale country where anything is possible”

One day on the street while I was walking,I saw a portal. I was wondering what it was. When I got inside the portal, there was a fairy-tale country with a big castle with beautiful trees and a garden. Everywhere was green and there was magical things living inside the castle. There were fairies, witches, elves, horsemen, vampires, living jellies, sandmen, monsters….
There were guardians who protected the castle and there were portals that you could go anywhere you wanted. If you were going to join a race and you wanted to get trained, there were elves that helped you get trained in the garden. You even didn’t have to go to the school, you could learn your education by learning by yourself in life. There was no ending for food and water. You could eat anything you wanted. There were farms in the big garden where you could plant vegetables and at the trees you could get your fruits. There were no medicines at the fruits and at the vegetables. There were magical playgrounds that you could play anything. When I was in there, I was shocked! It was so beautiful. When I looked back, the portal was closed. I got inside the castle. I wanted to stay for one day. I got my keys for my room: it was 166. When I got in my room, it was so big that my bed was bigger than my own bed at my house. Then I got to the canteen because I was so hungry. There were so many kinds of foods. I took the food I wanted and ate them. Then I heard an announcement. It was saying, “At night there will be a party at 9 o’clock”. When it was night, I wore my dress and went to the party at the garden. There were foods and all kinds of juice. We danced all night! I was super tired and I went to my room and got to sleep. When it was morning, I was going to go to my own house. When I got outside, I saw the portal were I came here. Then I took a photo for a memory. When I got in the portal and came back to my city i saw that the photo was burnt. I got so sad but I had the best day ever that day!

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