A Fool’s Lie

“Ok Colt, do not worry, you got this. This is going to be great job interview.” He fixed his hair and smiled to his reflection on the mirror. He was still a little nervous but choose to pretend he was not. He just has to convince a couple interviewers why he is a great person and he would be an excellent worker for the company. Since he is a nice dude, it should not be a problem. After one last check, he left the house.

“Good morning Miss Evelyn!” he waved his hand towards his neighbor Miss Evelyn, an old nice lady. “Oh hi Colt! You are looking fancier today. Do you have something important to do today?” said Evelyn, smiling. “Yeah, I have a job interview, for my dream job, in my dream company haha.” Evelyn stopped messing with the plants and give her attention to him.

-Ooh. Are you nervous?

-A little, there is an ache near where my heart is.

-I am sure, it is from anxiousness. Just breathe deeply and try to relax, I know a gentleman like you can do it.

-Thanks miss, you really help. I actually have to go, I do not want to be late.

-Alright Colt, good luck.

-Have a nice day.

After his talk with Evelyn, he was on his way. On his way he came across a foreign woman needed help with communicating, an elder man stuck on traffic which he helped. He also saw Jas, one of his neighbor’s nine year old girl.

-Hey Jas.

-Hello Sir Colt.

-You can call me Colt, as I told you before.


-How are you doing?


-Don’t you think I look good in these clothes?

-You do.

-I have an ache right on my heart.

-How sad.

-Anyways, I have an important job to do, I will see you later.

“She is a cute kid.” He thought. Colt used to buy her sweets from time to time, taking her to the children’s park was something he enjoyed to do. Even though his chest pain was significantly worse he smirked and brushed it off.

So there he was, at the waiting room, trying to calm his breath. “It’s just a damn interview, why am i like this, I’m not even stressed anymore. I’m… scared.” he whimpered to himself. But there was no one to be seen around, only the ticking sound that’s driving him insane was noticeable.

It’s been past his meeting time by 5 minutes and Colt was done waiting. “May I come in?” he asked the door, no response. By his urge to leave this place he rushed the door to say he was going to leave. Of course, this only resulted in him almost collapsing, his eyes darkened and his legs were weak. Fortunately he was able to grab the doorknob so he didn’t fall. But when he regained his consciousness he was in shock. The door was open but the room… It wasn’t an office, it was what he can only call hell.


Was it the devil? All his thoughts was in shambles, “Am I dead? Or hallucinating? Is this a joke-“

-You are dead fool, you had a heart attack, at the door.

-And this is hell?

-I guess you were expecting huh. Yes it is. It is where you are worth.

Colt shivered in horror.

-Even though you try to fool yourself every day, I know what you did to that girl.

Colt didn’t know what to say. The devil, was right. He was a fool fooling himself, trying to cover his sins.

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