Hello, my name is  John. I am at 5th grade. I am very excited because I had a football match with my friends (I was waiting for this match for at least 1 month). I woke up at 7 o’clock, I went to the toilet, washed my face, changed my clothes and I had my breakfast. My mum said, ”Be careful” when I was going to the football field. I said ”OK”. I went to my teammate’s house and we went to the football field together . He asked me, ”What will be the score, just guess.” I said, ”3-3, what is your guess?”. He said, ”4-5”. While we were talking, we couldn’t understand how fast we went to the field. Everyone was there. We played the match and I was sad because everyone scored a goal but I couldn’t. While I was going, my friend touched my shoulder and he said, ”Don’t be sad, we scored the goals today but tomorrow maybe you will.”

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