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A Global Crisis: Global Warming

Global warming is the long term increase in the earth’s temperature since the pre-industrial period due to human activities and some natural processes. It is one of the most important worldwide issue that affects most of the people. Land and ocean temperature increases, rising sea levels, ice loss at Earth’s poles and in mountain glaciers and extreme weather conditions are some of the torrible effects of global warming. These effects are directly impress some job groups especially which are related with agriculture,animals and ecological balance.

If human activities continue in this way and if we don’t reduce the damage that we do to nature, we will bring the end of our world ourselves. 90 animal species extinct, 0.8 trillion tones of glacier melted and the average temperature of the world increased by 4.6 degrees. As the statistics show, we are killing animals and their habitats day by day. We are destroying the nature, which we will entrust to future generations and which is our most valuable asset.

We cannot compensate for the damage that we have already done to nature so far, but we can take action for the future. We cannot bring back the dead living creatures and destroyed habitats, but from now on we can be more sensitive to nature for the sustainability of life.The small changes that we can implement in our lives can make big changes in the world. Reducing the carbon footprint per capita is something really important. Using public transportation or walking instead of using individual vehicle, maintaining the energy efficiency in the home and recycling are some basic precautions. Also proper insulation should be done at houses and water should not be shed in vain. Planting trees and taking care of the plants, using solar power are some of the essential points. At the same time we need to know more about this issue. We have to inform people with the right informations about what is going on earth.

Our losses due to global warming are quite high and this rate is increasing day by day. But if we obey some certain rules and be more conscious about this issue we can prevent the damage caused by global warming to the world.If we start to take precautions as soon as possible, we will not be late for anything. We should not forget that resources in the world are unlimited. If we learn how to use them wisely we can leave a livable life and a beautiful nature to future generations.

Plane Earth burning isolated on black background


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