A Global Warning

Global warming, mainly as a result of the greenhouse effect thought to be caused by the gases released into the atmosphere, is the result of the average temperatures measured in land, sea, and air throughout the year on Earth.

Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of the atmosphere, seas, and the earth’s surface with the effect of greenhouse gases is the rise. The earth is warmed by the reflected rays rather than the direct effect of the rays coming from the sun. The retention of the sun’s rays by various gases such as carbon dioxide and methane is called the “greenhouse effect” is given. With this effect, some of the heat on the planet’s surface is retained and heat loss is prevented. However, especially as a result of the consumption of fossil fuels, greenhouse gases have become more trapped in the atmosphere, and thus, the temperature of the world increased. Here, global warming occurs as a result of increased heat retention by greenhouse gases.

The number of scientific studies examining the effects of global warming on living things is increasing. In a study, it was shown that reproductive and embryo development disorders occur in aquatic organisms with an increase in water temperature.

If we give an example of the damage caused by global warming to living things, deaths due to heatwaves are also increasing. In 2003, 70 thousand people in Europe and 15 thousand people only in France were lost due to health problems caused by extreme heat. Thus, people’s nutritional problems will increase, and many diseases related to hunger will develop. Of course, death rates will increase due to hunger and famine.

With overheating, the risk of pollen allergy and asthma increases. Global warming increases weeds, which in turn cause allergies. Another problem caused by global warming is are infections; malaria, tick-related encephalitis, and diarrhea are the most important ones. As the temperature rises, disease-causing mosquitoes can live and spread more easily in higher elevations. For instance; While malaria did not occur in the highlands of Africa and Indonesia, it now poses a risk to millions.

Well, at the end of everything, the most important question is can global warming be stopped? I think global warming is only one way to end. It is for everyone to be more conscious and the next generations to be brought up more consciously, only in this way we can save the world, living things, and our future from this problem that we have done.

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