A Good Plan

Creating a team in an any kind of sector is a hard job. You should be very careful in recruitment process because if you are not the result will be disaster for you. There are some steps when you are going to hire the employers. These are:

1-Identifying the needs

2-Devising a recruitment plan

3-Advertising the position you are looking for

4-Reviewing applications


6-Looking for the candidate’s life (criminal record etc.)

7-Making a job offer!

Identfiying the needs

We should apply the employers for our needy positions because if can’t find what kind of person we need we cannot truly create our team.

Devising a recruitment plan

We should devise a plan for our team and that plan should include what kind of employers we need, what is our budget for this job or what kind of jobs we can give to him/her when we hire them to our team.

Advertising the position you are looking for

Advertising is a very important thing for a company. Advertising make people interest to your company and so that employers who want to join our team is increasing. Because of this reason our hiring possibilies are increasing.

Reviewing applications

For me this is the most important step of the recruitment process. This part is where we are going to take a responsibility and make a decision for our team. Wrong decision can cause a lot of problems in the future and this is the thing we never want to see.


We can’t decide a person’s talents and character by just looking a paper. We should know and meet our employers before we hire them. In this step we can save ourselves from a mistake because people can be different from what we accepted.

Looking for the candidate’s life (criminal record etc.)

This is an important point also. We can’t hire someone who has criminal record because that will damage our company’s name if they are our employers. Damaging the name of our company is the worst thing we can do to ourselves because a bad name can change customer’s opinion about us. So looking for the background life of our candidate’s is more important than it seems.

Making a job offer!

If we complete all the steps and there is no problem we can easily hire the candidate without any doubt. These points makes our job more easier if we correctly apply them.






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