A Hot Holiday

Many people can think that I am a uncultured person if I say that I am not interested in historical places or cultural places. But it’s true I really don’t like going on a cultural places. Actually I don’t like going on a holidays. I have dreams: I want to be a football player and I know that I have to train every day so I can’t say that I love holidays much  but it can be a stress relief activity sometimes.

I think you should have a holiday if you really deserve it. I previousluy said that I don’t go holidays continually but when I go for an holiday I prefer to go for an holiday that haves beach and pool. I see holidays like an source of having fun. I have freinds and cousins they prefers going on a historical places , they really wants to learn about historical places . That is so boring ı think. I just remember one of my enjoyable moments.

Like 3 years ago I wnet to England with Zeynep and we went to Madame Tussauds that have celebrites waxes. That musuem was the only musuem i like. I saw waxes who are my idols like Leonel Messi or Crisiano Ronaldo it really interested me. Other than that there was no musuem or cultural places that caught my attention. Except the historical places ı really have many funny moments in beaches. Some summers we go to Antalya we have a yacht in there so me and my freinds do holiday for one week. I can be really tired some sesons like two  years ago ı had a major injury, my leg was broken so ı had four surgeries. I could’t play football for two years because of this. At times like this I need a vacation. Last year I went for an hoiday with my friend. We went to Çeşme and had an awesome summer holiday there. We  stayed 2 weeks and we have really fun because of beach and sea. I’m having fun like this, going on a historical places can not be fun for me. Because of that ı go holidays to beachs. This summer we will going to go England again with Zeynep I think in there I’ll give the musuems one last chance. I think I won’t change my mind but we will look at it maybe this time I can like musuems too.

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