A Legendary Festival

If I organized the spring festival to be held at my school it would be legendary. There would be insane water slides and a pool which you can swim there in big transparent balls by crawling in them like a hamster. There would be food stands everywhere and a gigantic concert hall where Duman, Şebnem Ferah and Sezen Aksu would perform. 

There would be colorful lights everywhere at the concert hall. And there would be some chicken döner, some shish kebab, some meat döner, some tavuk skewer and some types of flatbreads at the stands and the drinks would be free. There would be some stands that would sell some jewelries, some water guns etc. There would be some trampolines but really good trampolines like the ones that you can jump and go 10m high. There would be a roller coaster which would be so fast like the roller coasters that are designed to kill you in Ethiopia but a little bit slower so that it wouldn’t kill you :). There would be a 10D cinema place and another cinema place that would move and spray water or do something so that you can live the short film that you are watching. There would be a Photo Booth that you can take photos with your friends but a big booth not like the ones that are in the shopping malls that are so small that it can take only two people inside.

This is what my spring festival would look like if I organized it. So have fun!

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