A Letter for the Government

The government of the city that I live in decided to destroy a magnificent landscape and build a hotel there. We all know that Global Warming is a serious issue and destroying nature is affecting it in a very horrible way. I think we should stop the increase in human population instead of building new places for people to live in. Government should create new laws that prevent over population. That would also decrease the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment. We also would not have to destroy the nature for constructing new buildings because there wouldn’t be people to live in there.

The point of government constructing a hotel is to give people an opportunity to accommodate but there is too many people and the number keeps growing. If the population stops increasing the need of constructing new buildings would also decrease thus the global warming would be prevented in a high rate. This is the best opportunity in my opinion but instead of helping the environment my government is planning to build a hotel which encourages overpopulation and destroy the nature.

destroying nature ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Nature protects humans, animals and bacteria. Basically without nature there wouldn’t be the planet earth and without planet earth there wouldn’t be humans or any earthlings remaining. We are talking about finding a new planet to live and we couldn’t find anything yet. If keep harming our planet like this there wouldn’t be anywhere left to escape from what we have done. Even if we find another planet we will destroy it too eventually. We just can’t keep ruining the environment and finding a way to get away with it forever. We have to raise awareness immediately or there wouldn’t be anything left that is called “we”. A simple action like building a hotel can cause many different and horrifying outcomes. We should protect the nature whatever it takes.

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