A Letter to My Kid

To my kid,

Hurray! You just turned 15 years old. How are you? How is everything going? How is your relationship with me or your other parent? I have so many questions to ask but this letter isn’t about me, well it kind of is but still, I don’t want to bother you with questions that I won’t get answers to.

So first of all, if you have any complaints about your mom just tell me! I’ll listen and try to help you in any way I possibly could. Also, listen to my advice if you already aren’t listening. I will even give you some right now. Also, if your other parent is there I want to see their reaction too.

About your appearance: At your age, I was insecure about my body, face, eyebrows basically all my parts. If you are also experiencing this, I just want you to know that none of it matters. People who like you do not like you for your appearance. They care about the real you. But if you think you will feel better by changing your appearance, just ask me and we’ll see what we can do about it. We can even get matching hairstyles. Also, if you would like to see how I looked like at your age I will show you.

About people: Choose your friends carefully. If they treat you badly in the slightest, drop them. No hesitation. Some people are toxic, and you must accept that. You can always come to talk to me. I can tell you about my experiences. Some time after you’ll be able to identify people like I do. There are also going to be amazing people in your life. Have fun with them, talk about them, enjoy your time with them but don’t get too attached.

About your mental state: I do not know what can without knowing your current situation. You might be so happy, or you might be at your lowest. It doesn’t change the fact that I’ll love and support you endlessly. I probably am a psychiatrist now. That means I mostly noticed if there is something wrong so don’t be hesitant and come talk to me. Know that you are the most valuable being on planet earth.

I couldn’t hold myself back any longer. I have to ask you the questions I mentioned at the beginning. Were you designed? Literally, like Lulu and Nana the first two designed babies. Is that a normal thing now? Also, how am I and my partner? Ask me do I regret anything I have done around this age? How is my style? Did it change? I mean if I decided to have a child many things probably changed. Did I achieve my goals? Do I own a big mansion? That’s a joke haha.

Well, that’s enough questions asked. I want to end this letter by wishing you an amazing day/night, a delightful birthday and a life full of happiness.


Love; 15-year-old Ece

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