In this blog, I wrote a letter for my nonexistent child. Hope you’ll like it!

Hey kid!


This is your mother from 2021. So I’m 13 like you. I’m so sure I didn’t told you about myself so here we are! You are kind of a teenager now so I have to say some things about puberty and all the other stuff about it. 

Firstly you might think that life sucks and that’s totally true! However there is some good things too. For example you’re a teenager now! You can go to 13+ movies also watch Harry Potter. I hope you already watched it. Anyways, you can also watch horror movies. You can really adore them in that age. I hope you will be a teenager just like me. Watching horror movies all the time, in love with Harry Potter also hating life but kinda liking it. About your friends. All you have to do is don’t care them when they are messing with you. Or just tell me and we will  kidnap them and torture them in our basement! Just joking, do not ever do that! 

So stay calm and don’t make me mad! I love you!

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