A Life to Live for

Freedom, a word with maybe a thousand definitions. From the cliches like it is being able to do whatever you want to simple explanation such as thinking as Aristoteles said. Many philosophers made a definition of freedom. For instance, it was “being yourself” for Nietzsche, “learning” to Plato, “rioting” to Albert Camus, “taking an action” Sartre… I do not think most of the definitions actually contradicting to each other. Furthermore, definitions of freedom are dependent on your needs.

I believe great thinkers while defining, give this precious name to the things they have hardly or never achieved. To me, if you ask, it is the combination of all but most importantly is being aware of everything you can do. Being brave is also a crucial point in the realization of freedom. Definition of being brave at this point is another dilemma. The definition is not blindly doing everything without thinking about the end. Being rational is the main part of braveness.

Moreover, freedom in many ways is the most fundamental human right. Using it is also a pretty important task for us. Being aware also consists of the proper usage of the right. It is like in the story that once upon a time, there was a very rich man who hid his precious materials such as gold under the soil. Every once in a while he digs up the hole and looks at them but never touches it. One day someone realizes that there is the gold under the soil and stole it. After a while, the man comes and again digs the hole. Surprisingly, instead of the gold, he finds a rock and a note attached to it. The note was saying “ If you do not use the gold, it does not differ if it is gold or a rock, and it is the same when you are living your life.”

As the story tells it is not living if you are not aware of your surroundings. Same applies with your freedom. Open your eyes and start living at the edges because if not your life is not a life to be lived for.

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