A Life Without Music Is a Mistake

A life without music is a mistake. Because when you live without music, there is no fun. Because music is a fun material. When you live without music, there is no dancing. Because the dances are made by music. If there was no music, there would be no pianos, guitars, and other enstruments in our lives. But when you live with music, you can dance or you can create a dance choreography, too. You can have so much fun. You can play the piano, guitar and others.

The music gives our lives happiness. You can live without the music but it will be very boring. When you live with music, it will be a very amazing life.

I know this, because I myself play the piano, too. When I play the piano,

I have a lot of fun. Playing something is very fun.

These are my thoughts, what do you think?

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