A Light of Hope

Is success really something that you decide based on their physical abilities or their education level? Is it really that one-dimensional? If you would ask me what is a success story, I would tell you that it is a story of a person who does not get “no” as an answer in the pursuit of their dreams. And these are some of the “success” stories.

Nick Vujicic is one of the most famous motivational speakers and one of the best examples of not to give up on your dreams. Even though he had severe depression while he was very young, he clung to this life. His biggest inspiration was and is his mother. She says and I quote “You just have a few bits and pieces missing, that is all.” Nowadays, this incredible man writes books, sings, surfs, and even plays golf! So, impossible? Think again.

For the past four years, a 34-year-old Ramjal Meena has been guarding the Jawaharlal Nehru University but the desire in him to study was heavier than any other thing so he cracked the system to take the entrance examination. Now, he no longer sees there as a workplace it is his hopes coming true, he will attend the classes as a student. So, impossible? Think again.

You aren’t convinced yet? Do not worry I have tons of examples like these. This phenomenal woman that I am about to tell you was raped by her mother’s at that time boyfriend when she was just a 7-year-old. So as a defense mechanism she turned mute until she was around 12-13 years old and later she dropped out of high school because she was pregnant. A later on teenage mom who dabbled in drugs. Not the ideal definition of future success for America, right? And you know where is she now, what she has achieved? She is one of the many influential writers in humankind’s history. Dr. Angelou knows six different languages as well as a native and received more than 30 degrees and certificates. So, impossible? Think again.

In short, if all those people who have seemed to come to the end of the world, with a little bit of hope they clung to life again. So there is no such thing as luck when you want to succeed. You can only try hard enough until you get satisfied with what you are doing with your own life.


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