A Line of Success


I had a large portion of money I would choose to invest it to make some more. I wouldn’t need to work a job I absolutely hate. I would go for a business I am interested in.
Businesses require a good presentation, advertising, qualified products. I was always keen on makeup and cosmetics. I would invest my money to open a new line of cosmetics. First of all, i would make my logo and products good quality and eye-catching. It’s one of the most important steps of advertising. Some people even buy it for the name & logo. I would then launch my website. Internet is where people go on most of the time, it is a great strategy to have your own page instead of having your products on other sites. Then I would start to produce my products. First, i would want to see what sells and what doesn’t. I would launch a collection, starting off with basic makeup tools & products. The packaging must be aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching. When someone looks at the stands at a cosmetic shop, your packing is what they see and decide on whether to buy them or not. My products would be in good quality and reasonable prices. One of the most important things that i would extremely care is to make my brand nature-friendly. All of my products would be cruelty-free and vegan. No one wants to buy products of a brand knowing that they test on animals and include materials obtained from animals, besides i am someone who only shops from vegan and cruelty-free brands. Most of the bands may be cruelty-free but there aren’t many brands that are also vegan. Most of lip glosses and lipsticks include fish scales, which is what makes the lip products shiny. When you look at the ingredients of the products, it is called as “pearl essence” or “pearl shine” some brands change some words or use the chemical formula of it to write on the ingredients part. I would also include every single ingredient to make my customers trust me, some brands claim they are vegan but never put ingredients stickers on their packaging. It looks suspicious and unnecessary to risk your client’s trust. To be one of the leading companies, you have to make good advertising. I would get famous influencers as my ambassadors. I would also make eye-catching pop-up ads and place them all across famous websites. My products would also be sold at famous stores like Ulta & Sephora, so i would make my products get noticed by giving discounts to each purchase and encouraging my clients. I would make my formulas unique from other brands and release new collections that are limited edition or extremely unique. One of the things i would make sure is that i would release enough shades that every person of color would be satisfied with my products since they don’t have many options when it comes to the cosmetics sector. These are the key points of a successful line of makeup.
If your audience sees the opportunities you bring to the industry, they wouldn’t even want to use any other brand’s products. Who wouldn’t want to buy products that are aesthetically pleasing, healthy for the environment and themselves, has many shades that fit every race? These would make my line of makeup successful. A successful business requires successful planning and the right strategies.

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