A living form of jealousy…

My whole life, i’ve really been interested in doing as many sports as possible. Throughout the years of my childhood, i was a professional at everything. I would go to tennis, i was an expert at football, i loved volleyball, and swimming was a must for me. I never stopped doing sports. But one day, i met this very basic girl, KATY. Of course i never stopped doing any of my activities, but for a reason i  didn’t know, i was weirdly jealous of her. She was new to school and she was trying to find new friends. Just like every other American, at the first day of school she wore this really see-through shirt, thinking she’d make more friends. Later that day, however, she was called to the principal’s office. I really thought it was because of her inappropriate outfit, yet it was for her to give this “significant” speech about sports. How in the world did the principal even choose her to give the speech, when “i” knew every possible information about the subject? I was absolutely broken. She had no idea what the word “sport” even was. Maybe she just knew is was a noun but that’s all.

Fast forward to the present, i had a small little talk with the new girl Katy. I was kind of investigating her if you look at it from a different perspective. I acted like i didn’t know about the “sports speech” content, and sort of interviewed her. I first started off by asking her really general questions, like if she had any siblings, any pets, where her house was (i’m not a creep don’t worry) and questions like what her favorite band was. You wouldn’t just dive in to a conversation asking if she’s interested in any sort of sports, right?

After all the creepy questions, i finally had the courage to ask her about sports. She told me she was “running” as a sport. “Any other sports you enjoy?” i asked her. No. I really knew she was a black, rusty dusty dirty horse as a spirit animal. I told Katy about my sports career. As far as i have observed, she was hardly even interested in any of my professional hobbies.

While we were having a pretty decent chat, our class teacher, Ms. Briana came next to us. She told Katy that they had changed the plan about the speech thing. “We don’t want to be unfair about you giving the speech. A running competition will be held in two hours, featuring you and Tracy.  The one who becomes first place will give the speech!” YESSS. You can’t imagine how much i wanted to win the mini competition. I HAVE TO GIVE THE SPEECH!

“3…2…1…START!!!”. I ran faster than i have ever did before. Was i being too competitive about this speech thing? Why was it even that important? Anyways. I won the race and i was chosen for the sports talk.  I took the podium to give my speech, accompanied by applause. I was just about to start talking when i saw her in the crowd. IT WAS KATY AGAIN! I thought she was in the changing room. CRYING!!! Maybe loving myself a little too much wasn’t the best option for my personality…

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