A Loophole In Our Soul

According to most people, music is both an activity to rest the soul and a way of reflecting the feelings they cannot say but feel to the bone. As our mood changes during the day, the songs we listen to also change. We love to listen to songs that correspond to our intense feelings because the more the lyrics of the song reflect the state we are in, the more relaxed we feel. This is where our perspective on life comes into play.
The emotions we feel in a day can change every second, and the way we express ourselves changes, albeit without noticing. Here are the songs that we open and listen to when we experience these emotional changes. It is actually the translation of the emotions we experienced at that time. According to research, people focus on the melody of the song they listen to when they are happy, while the songs they listen to when they are sad focus on the lyrics. This must be one of the little games that our brain plays on us. In other words, as we can understand from this, we can be considered to determine our own mood. People sometimes come across truths that they cannot admit to themselves in songs, and this can make them listen to the song many more times. Some people want to get away from all the realities of life and listen to music to do little therapies for themselves. They want to put aside their sadness, happiness, pain, and all the emotions they feel and just rest their souls. Sometimes people listen to music to fill the void they feel within. That’s why music and songs have many functions that we don’t realize in our lives. Somehow it allows us to relax and calm down even if we are in complex emotions. At the same time, the music that people around us listen to also affects us. Just as after a while we begin to behave like the people we meet most often. Because as we said; the music people listen to represent their emotions.

As Paulo Coelho said, “Music is not just something that relaxes or takes us away, it is more than that, it is an ideology. Look at what kind of music a person is listening to, you will understand what kind of person he is.

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