a Luxurious Life to Live

If you decide to take a look at the news there are some particular headings you can see. Such as unemployment, traffic, climate change, increase in crime rate, etc. But how are those alike, what causes them to occur?

Of course, those issues listed above have some other causes, however, if you said overpopulation you would be correct. I will give examples to clear the link between them. I believe unemployment and traffic are quite self-explanatory. Let’s take a look at climate change. Climate change is caused by humans. And there is a big need for sources in order to make sure everyone is provided with food, clothes, machines, etc. factories produce more in order to satisfy our needs and this harms the world incredibly too much. If there were less need for those, companies could have been making this a healthier process for our environment, such as fast fashion, because the need would not be as urgent and as much. I see the crime rate increase as a problem by unemployment and minimum wage which is caused by overpopulation.

The overpopulation may have many reasons but what I will focus on is the consequences of it. We have public transportation to make going to places easier but since many people need it, this whole procedure of getting to places is very hard therefore people do not prefer this. They rather use their own cars which causes air pollution and traffic. Also, the need for a roof over our heads causes unplanned urbanization. Which turns beautiful cities
look messy and unorganized.


            I want to give an example from a book I recently read. This book takes time in the future where people found a way to live longer, which causes the population to rise up dramatically. Each person would get around 8-meter squares to live. Worlds our resources were used up so people never get to even enjoy a picnic in fresh air while the sun is shining on them. All of the people’s enjoyment was destroyed by the number of people. Which eventually made the government overly cruel to citizens. As you can understand from my summary of this book that this was a dystopic book.

In conclusion, overpopulation brings down the comfort level of the country and is killing us and our world in long term. A country with a little population may not develop easy but a country with a very big population cannot give its citizens a luxurious life to live.


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