A Man and A Woman

From the first few years of life, gender has become meaningful as a social category of individuals. Today, society expects that men and women have different feelings and thoughts and act in accordance with them. In this case, different patterns of thinking and behavior, social and cultural resources have emerged in the society of femininity and masculinity.


Biologically speaking, each of us is born male or female and retains this valuable property throughout our life in general. When it comes to the social dimension, this situation is no longer an important feature but is integrated into our daily behaviors. This began when we were born, and even earlier. Because when preparing clothes for the child who is about to be born, you can give examples of choosing the color and shape of the product by gender.


Since women and men are not given equal roles in society, it deconstructs the inequality between men and women. Because there is a gender role that has been going on for generations, and at the same time, gender roles arise more because the attitude, reward, or punishment shown when these roles are followed is not equal. To give an example of this situation, just as male power is needed in the construction sector, female power is also needed in accounting-style jobs.

From the point of view of gender roles in the world, we cannot see too much that men and women always work in the same industry or take on the same roles. As a society, there is a perception that a man who has taken on the role of earning bread and providing a family receives a higher wage in market conditions, there is an established gender pattern that a man’s wage is his own pocket money for the whole family, and a woman’s wage is her own pocket money. But in fact, each individual can cope with these tasks and responsibilities if he wants, sometimes with difficulty, and sometimes as if he were pulling a hair out of butter. The main thing is the request.

I think that gender roles lead to inequality because there are different gender roles today, and the things that result, whether it’s gains or losses, are not given the same value for the two sexes, and this causes inequality. In fact, to give an example for this, the support of a family institution such as a child, the elderly, and so on, and the prevailing gender expectations that women do these things at home reproduce gender inequality. This vicious circle strengthens the role of the male in the economic sphere. According to the Gender Inequality Index prepared by the United Nations Development Fund on this issue in 2013, Turkey is the 69th among 187 countries. is in line. In this index, maternal mortality rate, young mother birth rate, female deputy rate in parliament, female and male population rate with at least secondary school education and female and male labor force participation rate are used. The most important factors that put Turkey back in the gender inequality ranking are that the education and labor force participation rates are low against women, he said.


Therefore, there are gender roles, whether female or male. Roles formed in social and cultural conditions have shaped men and women in the environment in which they grew up. Since these roles are deconstructed according to the dominant male values, they also reveal the inequality between men and women.

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